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Changing Default File Format for Saving File in Selected Format Every Time

If you are using Microsoft Word, Excel, or Power Point, you must have certain format you like the most. Surely, you have ever wished that you could save your files with the same format every time. It cuts so much time rather than searching for the intended format manually every time. For that reason, you will need to change the default file format. So, here is the way that works for Microsoft Office 2016.

The Steps to Change Default File Format
Indeed, the steps that are going to be told here are for Microsoft Office 2016. However, it does not mean that you can’t change the default file format in other versions of Microsoft Office. Sure, you can do so, although the steps that must be followed are not the same. So, here are the steps for Microsoft Office 2016.

  • Open Microsoft Office file and click on File
  • Click on Options next on the backstage screen
  • Click on Save on the new window that appears
  • Find Save Files in the Format and drop down the list
  • Select the file format you want and click OK

After you have finished following the steps above, anytime you save a file, it will be saved in the format you want. This way, there is no need for you to change the format anytime you save a file. If you change the default file format, it will make things easier for you to organize your files on your computer.

File Format in Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Office 2016 is brought up in this news because you can find almost any file format existing. Even if you want the old versions, you can find them there. Simply put, you have more file format options to choose one from. Although older versions of Microsoft Office might not offer as much as the options in Microsoft Office 2016, you can at least find the common ones in the options.

However, be sure to remember though that the file format will change only for the new files you create after you change the default file format. The change won’t apply to the files that have existed ever since the file format is not changed yet. The only way you can do to change the format of the existing files is to change them with Save As manually. So, be sure to keep this in mind as well.